About Martin, Ingles & Hensley, Ltd.

Martin, Ingles & Hensley is a full-service law firm in Gloucester Virginia that provides legal representation for both individuals and businesses. Our practice includes family law, criminal law, traffic violations, civil litigation, personal injury, business organization, as well as wills and estates. Our firm is an aggressive advocate on our clients’ behalf and ensures a high level of legal service and representation in Virginia.

Practice Areas

Our Virginia Law Firm will provide you the best representation with open lines of communication. The attorneys with Martin, Ingles & Hensley Law are accomplished in the following areas of law, including:

Family Law

Family law may involve emotionally-charged cases such as divorce, child custody and child support. We ensure your rights are fully protected while managing your civil cases such as divorce proceedings or establishing a full relationship with your child or coming to a fair agreement in the dissolution of a marriage.

Criminal Law

Our Virginia attorneys are ready to assist clients who may be facing a criminal charge. Our seasoned attorneys understand the circumstances involved in criminal proceedings and will advise you in regard to the best course of action. We also represent other areas of the law including DWI, drug crimes, assault, charges of homicide and more. We provide the best options to assure the most effective defense strategy.

Traffic Violations

Even a seemingly minor traffic violation could carry serious consequences. We will work to help clear your record or help you obtain compensation if you’ve been injured in a car accident caused by another party.

Civil Law

Our attorneys are experienced in various areas of civil law including Business Organization, Civil Litigation, and Will & Estates. We manage all complexities and technicalities associated with your legal case and ensure you are apprised of all developments.

Personal Injury

If you or someone close to you has been harmed due to the negligence of another, it is imperative that you contact an experienced law firm in Virginia. We can help you obtain compensation to cover several types of expenses associated with an accident, including medical bills, wages lost from work and many others.

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