Business Organization

Smooth, efficient business organization is key to a company’s success. One of the most important decisions, for example, is choosing the right legal structure. A business law consultation with one of our attorneys at Martin, Ingles & Hensley Law Firm can help you establish the type of business entity that will help your business succeed.

Choosing a Structure

There are several types of corporate structures, including limited liability companies (LLC), C corporations, S corporations, general partnerships and limited partnerships. Many factors will go into determining which one is right for you as you go through the process of business organization. For example, each type of structure involves different taxation considerations and questions involving business succession.

At Martin, Ingles & Hensley Law Firm, when determining which corporate structure fits your company’s needs, the process may involve detailed questions as well as meeting with your accountant while working towards compiling the documentation needed for the best corporate structure.

We are able to continue to benefit your operation long after your business organization is complete. We are able to provide you guidance throughout the life of your company. If you have any kind of ongoing civil litigation needs, we can help – including mediation of a business dispute, a tort claim or other needed legal services.

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