Homicide Defense Attorney

Hiring a criminal defense attorney in Virginia should be the first thing you do if you or a loved one is charged with committing a homicide. This is considered to be the most severe crime that can be committed, so the penalties for a conviction are severe as well.

A homicide is the harshest form of physical assault resulting in the loss of another person’s life. These cases almost always go to trial and are vigorously prosecuted. Because prosecutors have a wide range of resources they use to try to obtain a conviction, it is imperative you have a skilled criminal defense attorney in Virginia on your side.

Types of Homicide Charges

There are several different types of homicide that people can be charged with in Virginia. These include:

  • Capital murder – This is the most serious type of crime you can commit and the penalty can be death.
  • Felony murder – An action taken while committing a felony that results in death, whether intentional or unintentional.
  • First-degree murder – A willful, premeditated murder that does not fall under the category of capital murder.
  • Second-degree murder – A killing that takes place without planning but with malice.
  • Manslaughter – Even though manslaughter is considered to be an unlawful killing without premeditation, it can still carry with it a sentence of several years in state prison as well as extremely large fines.

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