Personal Injury Attorney in Gloucester

Calling a personal injury attorney in Gloucester Virginia should be at the top of your priority list if you or someone you love has been hurt due to the negligence of others. At Martin, Ingles & Hensley Law, we will be by your side throughout the entirety of your case, keeping you fully up to date during the process. We will work tirelessly to make sure those who have caused you harm are forced to pay. We will answer any questions you may have and help you achieve a positive outcome in your case.

Pursuing Compensation

Accidents can result in extremely damaging injuries that can result in substantial expenses. The term “damages” means the amount of money imposed by the court for a violation of a right or a breach of a duty of care. If you have been hurt, it is very important that you contact an accident lawyer in Virginia as soon as possible to see if you will be able to seek monetary damages from those responsible for the accident. You may be able to obtain compensation for the following:

  • Loss of wages and loss of future earning capacity
  • Medical expenses (both present and future)
  • Damaged or lost property
  • Pain and suffering

The Insurance Company

After an accident, you may be contacted by a representative of the responsible party’s insurance provider and offered a settlement. If you have not enlisted a Gloucester personal injury lawyer with Martin, Ingles & Hensley Law, you may be inclined to accept the settlement. However, it may not be enough to cover all of the expenses you may incur due to the accident. Our attorneys will advise you on the best options when dealing with settlements.

What You Can Expect from Us

When you partner with a personal injury attorney in Virginia at Martin, Ingles & Hensley Law, you can be assured we will do everything we can to build the strongest possible case. These are just a few of the ways you will benefit from choosing our firm:

  • We will act as an aggressive advocate, making sure you completely understand the legal process and working passionately to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • Our personal injury attorneys will attempt to secure a fair settlement offer from those responsible for your injury. However, we will be prepared to try each and every case if a satisfactory offer is not received.
  • You can count on us to thoroughly communicate with you at each stage of your personal injury case, keeping you up to date on all developments.

Contact our Personal Injury Attorney

If you are looking for a personal injury attorney in Gloucester Virginia, look no further than the professionals at Martin, Ingles and Hensley Law. Call our firm at (804) 693-2500 or contact us to schedule a consultation.