Juvenile Defense Attorney

Hiring an experienced and effective juvenile crimes attorney in Virginia will be a must if your child has been charged with an offense, whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor. While all kids make mistakes, the criminal justice system may not be as understanding as you hope it will be. A conviction could have a devastating impact on your child’s future, so you need to find skilled representation at Martin, Ingles & Hensley Law as quickly as possible.

Why You Need a Juvenile Criminal Attorney

If your child has been charged with a crime you will need to understand how the court system works in regard to juveniles. Here is a brief synopsis of some of the more important aspects.

First, there are several differences between the adult justice system and the juvenile system. One of the main differences is that Virginia juvenile justice focuses more on rehabilitation, while the adult system is focused more on punishment. Many people, however, assume incorrectly that a juvenile conviction has no impact after age 18 or 21. In fact, there are numerous instances where a juvenile conviction can have lifetime consequences.

Any sort of criminal case can be extremely complex for someone not familiar with the law. That is just one of the reasons it is imperative that you hire a juvenile crimes attorney in Virginia at Martin, Ingles & Hensley Law if your child is facing criminal charges.

You’ll need legal guidance no matter what type of charge has been filed. If you think offenses such as vandalism, shoplifting or underage drinking are minor enough that you don’t really need to be concerned about them, think again. You may think probation would be the worst thing that could happen, when there is actually a chance your child could be sent to a juvenile correction center.

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