Drug Crime Representation

No one should face a drug charge without the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney in Virginia. When you get in touch with the professionals at Martin, Ingles & Hensley Law, you will work with a drug possession defense lawyer who will be dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible result in your case.

How a Drug Possession Defense Lawyer Can Help

There are several instances where a drug arrest occurs but the evidence in the case is insufficient to result in a conviction. For example, if a person owns or resides in a home where illegal substances are found, that does not necessarily mean he or she knowingly possessed the drugs. A great deal of proof is needed in order to obtain a conviction and an experienced criminal defense attorney knows several strategies that can potentially exonerate a defendant.

Drug laws are extremely involved and complex, so no defendant should ever try to act as his or her own legal representative. It will be essential that you contact a drug possession defense lawyer quickly so that he or she can start building the strongest case possible on your behalf.


The stakes will be even higher if you have been charged with distribution of a controlled substance. The penalties are much more severe – for instance, someone found guilty of intending to distribute a drug such as heroin, cocaine or LSD will face punishment of a minimum of five years in state prison and a fine of as much as $500,000. We urge you to speak with a Martin, Ingles & Hensley criminal defense attorney in Virginia who can fully explain the gravity of the charges you face and the penalties you may suffer if convicted.

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