Domestic Violence Attorney

A domestic violence attorney in Virginia can provide a strong, effective defense if you face this extremely serious charge. It might take more than a family law attorney to handle the case. A conviction can bring with it dramatic consequences – including the loss of your right to possess a firearm – so it is vitally important you speak with a skilled lawyer at our firm as quickly as possible so he or she can formulate the best strategy for your defense.

Domestic Violence Misconceptions

Many people have substantial misconceptions when it comes to this area of the law, making it even more critical to hire a lawyer for the charge of domestic violence. For instance, a lot of people mistakenly assume that the victim of alleged violence can ask the court to drop the charges. However, in Virginia, this is not the case.

Another misconception is that a person won’t really need a lawyer for domestic violence as long as that person can convince the alleged victim to skip court. Again, this is far from the truth because ignoring a summons can have very serious consequences. In addition, there are some instances where a defendant can be convicted even if the alleged victim doesn’t appear in the courtroom. There could be other witnesses to the incident, and the prosecution will only need slight corroboration in order to win.

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